The Best Android Games of All Time

The popularity of Android games, when compared to its competitors, has grown by leaps. Indeed, Android games are better than some of the other console games. The use of latest technology, superb imagery, and impressive sound quality make them stand out. You can find Android games in different genres, ranging from sports, adventure, racing, puzzle games, war games and many more.  Android games are available as either paid or free download versions. In some free download versions, you can get premium editions with a nominal payment.  Irrespective of the gaming genre, Android offers an enjoyable gaming experience. Some of the best Android games of all time are highlighted below along with their different genres.

Action Games


Tempest is a paid action game, and has recently launched on Google Play Store. The reviews are encouraging. The game makes a player the captain of a pirate ship. You prowl the sea while competing with other pirates and accumulate treasure as points.

Injustice 2

The second edition of this popular game has become one of the best Android games of all time. It features improved dynamics for the fighting scenes, new moves, and new characters. It has a great storyline and also lets you create heroes of your choice like Flash & Wonder Woman and Batman, to crush your opponents.

Arcade Games


This is a perfect example of classic games that have withstood the test of time. Even after four decades, it is still giving a tough fight to its rivals. Whereas the original format has not changed, many new levels have been added to make it even more enjoyable.

Drag & Dodge

This arcade game is addictive and fast. For this game, the player touches and holds the screen to dodge collision with objects that keep on popping up on the screen. The longer the player holds and avoids collision, the higher the score.

Endless Runner

Super Mario Run

Mario fans around the globe will definitely be impressed by this new and fantastic runner of Nintendo. It brings back many original elements of the game but with a twist as seen in the title. It was initially an IOS game but has since made its way to the Android market.

Alto’s Adventure

It is a new addition to the Google Play Store. The game features an array of fantastic designs and is simple to play. The reviews for its stunning visuals  are encouraging . It is exciting to play the game or even to watch videos of other players playing the game.

First- Person Game

Into the Dead 2

This is yet another highly reviewed, action-packed game of the second series. The player experiences zombie apocalypse as he/she races through the maze to save their loved ones. During the race, they can pick weapons and apply various ways to put the zombie down.

Platformers - Minecraft- Pocket Edition

Minecraft has been a massive success in the gaming world. It enables the player to build their capability in mining, exploring their way to glory at various settings.

Puzzle Games


This is a mobile game in which players assume the role of stars. The players will  explore space and get to see some of the stars in the universe.  It is new game that was previously available on IOS only but which can now be accessed on  Android devices.

Infinite Loop

The infinite loop is a free game with no in-app purchases. It is puzzle game and is minimalist in nature. The objective of the game is to connect grids by creating a pattern with no openings. It features an algorithms-generated pattern with endless options. Players can tap on each of pattern to rotate it.

Racing Games

Asphalt Street Storm

This is a classic car racing game but one with a new twist. It enables players to choose their dream car and race through the streets of Paris, New York, and Hong-Kong.

Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

This famous game offers players a wide range of cars and six tracks to race. Players can race in a single or multiplayer mode with levels that feature varying degree of difficulty.

Sports Game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

This game was developed while targeting ardent soccer fans around the world. It was previously available only on PlayStation consoles and PC, and its popularity forced its entry into Android OS and in the process becoming one of the best Android games of all time.

The games highlighted above provide an entertaining experience, and help to break the monotony of mundane life. Again, mobile games are not just a means of entertainment. They also help to engage the mind in different ways as well as improve concentration abilities, sharpness, reflex actions, critical and logical thinking, etc. The games listed above are some of the best android games of all time, and you can find many more exciting games based on your preference, in many online game stores.