How To Recall An Email In Gmail

Many a time, it happens that in a hurry or out of sheer misjudgment you hit the send button in your Gmail account only to regret later. It might be that the mail was not intended for the recipient in question, or some attachments were not included, or perhaps some other mail was wrongly forwarded. It is such circumstances that can make you be inclined to know how to recall an email in Gmail. The undo and recall feature is now available in Gmail for the public to avail the benefit of correct and instant delivery of emails. It is important to note that the time limit to recall the mail is a maximum of 30 seconds.

How to recall an email – available options:

There are various alternatives on how to recall email in Gmail. You can opt for Gmail’s ‘Undo Send Feature,’ or using Outlook or other support systems like Boomerang for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Boomerang browser extension provides a delay feature to Gmail accounts. It allows you to easily set the time limit to any desired time.

Method 1:

Follow the steps given below to know how to set up the recall option in Gmail account.

  • In the Gmail window, go to the top right corner and click on the gear icon to access Gmail settings.
  • Next, on the General Tab, look for ‘Enable undo send.’
  • Click on the tick box to enable this option.
  • For time limit, you will have to set it to 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds, from the ‘send cancellation period’ drop-down menu.
  • Click the desired time option and then ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the page.

This Gmail account feature is simple, easy and reliable, and is a way of how to recall email in Gmail. With these options, you can define a delay time in sending emails. Here, the emails are deferred for the time period you have set in Gmail settings. This enables you to have control over the emails you may have sent mistakenly. After sending the email, you will get a notification saying ‘Your message has been sent. Undo View Message.’ After this you can just click the ‘Undo’ link to recall the sent email. The email will pop back on your screen, and you can then do the necessary changes.

Method 2:

This is how to recall email in Gmail when using Outlook.

  1. Go to the sent items folder in Outlook.
  2. Next, open the particular email that needs correction/recall/changes.
  3. In the folders at the top of the ribbon, the section goes to the ‘Move' section.
  4. Next, click on ‘actions.'
  5. Then, ‘recall this message.’
  6. After this, you can then click on the ‘Delete’ or ‘replace’ option o do the needful.


The recall Gmail option can be best used immediately after sending the email, while the option for corrections on Outlook will tend to move the unopened mail into the recipient’s email account deleted folder.

You may also note that the recall request is not always practical. Despite learning how to recall an email in Gmail, there are several conditions that determine whether the  recall will be successful.  If the mail recipient has somehow opened the email, the mail will stay in their inbox. If you have recalled the email, the recipient will get a notification that you have tried to recall the mail. If the desktop Outlook application is not available in Exchange Server, the option will still be available; however, the mail cannot be deleted from the inbox. No action will be taken and the recipient will only get a notification that the email is being recalled. It must be understood that there are a lot of limitations and constraints in the recall functionality.