Top 10 Funny Things To Ask Google

"Okay, Google" is the magic word that you need to say to bring the Google Now Assistant to life. Google Home is one of the many modes available when you want to use Google assistant. Google has further escalated its long going battle with Apple in the digital assistant genre by announcing at I/O 2017 that Google Assistant will now feature on the App Store. Google Assistant can be easily downloaded on any device running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later. The voice-enabled Assistant can be used for quickly getting the needed information, running applications, setting reminders, calling or texting your contacts and performing other useful functions.

You can have your share of fun with the Google Assistant by asking some funny and weird questions. It is meme-savvy and has a lot of funny stuff which can lighten dull moments. You will be surprised that there are many funny things to ask Google home.

1. Ask whether Siri is better than anything else

It is probably one of the funniest thing to ask Google. It understands the competition between Google Assistant and Apple's Siri and does not miss the opportunity to boast of its accomplishments. When you ask Google this, it will show you a report by CNBC which compares the two programs, and which clearly shows that Google is better. It goes further to say, “Apple fails miserably."

On other occasions or on changing the search a little bit, Google will show you a YouTube video named 'Google Now vs. Siri: The results speak for themselves’, which makes a comparison between the two platforms.The video goes on to show how Google is way better than IOS Assistant.

2. Ask the assistant to tell you a joke

Are you looking to have a good laugh? Then ask Google to tell you a joke, and it will give you answers that will make you laugh. Here are a few examples.

Which kind of music do bunnies like best? Hip-hop.

What's the best thing about living in Switzerland? I don't know but the flag is a big plus.

Isn’t that a funny thing to ask Google home?

3. Sing a song 

Ask Google to sing a song, and you will encounter its wit. Google says, “I’m singing, I'm singing a song, I'm your assistant, and I'm singing la la la la la", that too in a sarcastic tone. If this doesn't make you laugh then what else can?

4. Ask about its life story

When you ask Google about its backstory, it replies merely with a brief answer; "I'm still on the very first chapter.". Google has designed Google Assistant to give more than one answer to many questions but this isn't one of them. The straightforward answer to this question will bring a smile on your face.

5. Ask Google the meaning of life

The assistant will hit you back with a witty comment when you ask her about life's purpose. It simply replies, “I have a factory warranty, so I do not need to worry about things like that."

6. Tell Google you are bored

The assistant will respond with this humorous reply: “You think you are bored, I came out of a cardboard box. But I have learned a lot of jokes in there."

There will be multiple answers to this question but they will all lighten your mood.

7. Ask if Google Assistant can rap

The answer to this is pretty straight; it replies that it can drop a beat but what is really brilliant is that after saying this, the Google Assistant will actually go ahead and drop a beat. Funny, right?

8. Ask if it likes iPhones

The all-new Google Assistant does not miss any chance to boast about the supremacy of Android, and another thing that it does not fall short of is sarcasm.

The assistant replies to you by saying that it is a fan of Android fan, but it is possible that it might be biased.

9. Ask if it farted

If you ask Google Assistant this question, it will hilariously reply, “I will take the fall for this one, and I will fart again to clear all doubts." Not only that, it goes on to produce an actual fart sound. This is one of the funniest questions you can ask Google, and the answer is equally funny.

10. Ask it to guess what you are thinking

The reply will probably be the least expected and lit will definitely make you burst into laughter. It replies with a hilarious yet straightforward answer: “chicken butts."

All these answers will make you laugh. Talking and coming up with funny things to ask Google can be a real stress buster. The humor with which it replies to most of these questions will surely amaze you.