How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone? – Here is a Detailed Guide

There is nobody  in this world who doesn’t like to store his memories. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we can easily capture  our lovely moments on camera and keep these moments with us forever. Capturing these moments has never been easier because you can now capture them on your smartphone. When your smart phone  runs out of space you can transfer these photos to your PC or laptop. You can also transfer photos captured on other devices via PC to iPhone. Transferring photos from one device to another does not seem to be a problem now. It is fairly simple but there are some people who still feel that transferring photos is something technical and they do not get the hang of it. The article will shed light on the methods of how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone. You can choose the method which suits you the best and store your photos on any device.


There is more than one way of transferring stored photos from your PC to your iPhone. Every method is explained in detailed steps; you can follow them and easily transfer your photos from PC to iPhone. These methods include using iCloud, AirDrop, or even iTunes to transfer pictures. A new method to transfer photos is AnyTrans. Here are details of how to use all these methods of transferring pictures from PC to iPhone:

1. Transfer photos through iCloud

This is an  app that features on almost every Apple device. You can easily transfer photos from your computer to iPhone and vice versa. It transfers all the photos you took from your iPhone to every Apple device you own; be it iPad, iPhone or even Mac. It gives you the liberty to see your photos from every Apple device.

Step 1

You simply need to have an internet connection. Once you have access to the internet, you can proceed to log into the iCloud website with your Apple ID.

Step 2

After logging into the iCloud site, you can find the Photos icon on the top row. After clicking on it, the photos will start loading. It might take a while depending on the size of the library. The loading time is relative because the more the size of the library the more it takes to load . If you are using it for the first time, you will be required to install the setup first. One thing you need to keep in mind is that with iCloud, you are going to need a larger storage space. The iCloud drive is comparatively larger and that’s why it requires more than 5 GBs of storage space to transfer photos through iCloud.

Step 3

Select the photos you want to you want to transfer from your computer to iPhone, and then click on the upload button on the upper right-hand corner of the app. You will have to press the CTRL button  in order to select more than one photo. After selecting all the photos, you want to add you can click the open/choose button and the pictures will be uploaded to iCloud Photo Library. This might take a little longer depending on the number of photos. You can check the transfer progress at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

You will get all the photos in your iPhone once you have gone through all the above-mentioned steps. You will be required to have iCloud installed on your iPhone and an internet connection to access this service. You will find all your  photos in a chronological order, and in the months in which they were taken.

2. How to sync pictures from your Computer to iPhone using iTunes?

iTunes is one of the most liked and popular feature of iPhone. On top of all the facilities, iTunes offers to transfer photos to and from your PC. The step by step details of transferring photos using iTunes are given below:

Step 1

First, connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable and run iTunes on it.

Step 2

Open iTunes on the device and then select photos. After you have selected the photos  click on the Check Sync Photos option. Select destination folder and then click Apply. You will need to go deep into the folders to get to where the actual photos are stored so as to select the photos you want to sync.

Note: Sometimes iTunes can’t sync photos because of iCloud, so you can simply turn the iCloud off in order to transfer photos through iTunes. However, it might require you to delete all the data in iCloud. You can sync the photos using iCloud but the problem is that you will need a steady internet connection. However, you don’t require internet while transferring photos through iTunes.

3. How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without using iTunes?

You can easily transfer photos from PC to iPhone without even using iTunes. All you have to do is launch AnyTrans. The best part is that you can not only transfer photos but also all kinds of data from PC to iPhone, and this without much hassle. It also supports 2-way  data transfer, meaning you can transfer data from PC to iPhone and from iPhone to PC. It is quicker than any other app available for transfer of data. You can transfer data using AnyTrans by following these easy steps:

Step 1

Install AnyTrans and connect your iPhone to your PC through a USB cable. You will have to click the Add content in order to add photos.

Step 2

Browse and select the photos you want to transfer and click the open button and start transferring these photos to your iPhone.

Step 3

Check your iPhone’s Photos app and go to the album and Voila. You will find every transferred photo in there. It is as easy as it can get.

4. Cloud Storage

You can as well use cloud storage to store your photos in case you don’t have a problem with storing them in different apps. The different apps you can use include Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. You can access all the files in cloud storage easily. You can also bookmark the files in order to see them without any internet connection. It is much easier to add photos saved on your PC to Dropbox/Google drive or other accounts. These photos will be easily accessible from your  iPhone.

5. Google Photos

Google photos app is even more better than using Google Drive and it doesn’t present any problem while using it . It is a great alternative to iCloud and you can easily transfer photos and videos from your PC to Google Photos. You simply have to install  the app on your phone and then easily transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone and from your iPhone to your computer. You will only need to link it with the device and then drag the photos on Google photos and the photos will be transferred. As simple as that!

Although there are many other methods and apps you can use to transfer photos, these are the best options available and also the handiest ones. You don’t have to go through any extra trouble or technicalities in order to get your precious memories transferred from one device to another. Choose the method that suits you best and share your photos with your friends and also keep your precious memories close to you.